Curiosities about slot machines

We have known them for as long as we can remember, because the classic versions are an essential element of any bar that is worthwhile. And their electronic versions have already conquered the fans of this game, which can bring great benefits with just one game. But what you may not know are some of the curiosities about slot machines that we show you below.

A long history

As we said in the introduction, we've known about slot machines for as long as we can remember. And that's because their origin goes back very far in time.

Although there are several forerunners who dispute the invention of this type of game of chance, the truth is that its birth is located at the end of the 19th century in the United States. The most accepted option is that of Charles Fey, who developed the Liberty Bell Machine.

Online slot machines, a veteran game

Although, logically, online slot games don't have as long a history as their analog version, the truth is that the Internet mode already has many followers, as well as a very established tradition. In fact, although many people have only known about this entertainment for a relatively short time, it has been around for several decades, since its origin is in the 90s. And its great acceptance today guarantees it a promising future.

Why are they called 'slot machines'?

In the Anglo-Saxon world they are called 'slots' and in Latin America they are often called 'slot machines', but in Spain they are known as 'tragaperras'.

In fact, the latter term has a similar meaning to the one given by our brothers on the other side of the Atlantic, since the word 'bitch' was the colloquial way of referring to the old 10 cent coin, the famous 'fat bitch', that swallowed these machines.

Very generous prizes

However, slot machines not only 'swallow' coins but also 'spit' them out, as they sometimes give out succulent prizes. One of the most cited examples is the Excalibur casino in the famous city of Las Vegas, which in 2003 awarded a prize of more than 40 million euros, according to several sources.

Several types of slot machines

Although we refer to them generically as 'slot machines', there are several typologies that differ slightly from each other. On the one hand, there are the recreational ones, that is, the ones that do not bring any economic benefit, playing them just for the mere fun they provide: each game has a price and a certain duration. On the other hand, there are programmed prize games: they have a system of operation according to which after a certain number of games, they award the programmed prize.

They are the most common in bars. And finally there are the random ones, designed to award the prize at random but based on complex statistical calculations. These are the most common ones in gambling halls or casinos.