Royalty free photo: what is it? And what is it for?

Today, photography is becoming an increasingly important part of the communication strategy. Whether you are an individual, an independent professional or a company, quality content is no longer enough to attract and retain Internet users. On the other hand, using photos allows you to create a stronger link.

Free of rights, but regulated distribution and use

Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible for you to find a large quantity of so-called royalty-free photos. Contrary to popular belief, royalty-free does not mean royalty-free.

Indeed, it is an abuse of language. It simply means that the rights of the photos are governed by an authorization or a user license. Thus, they can be free or paying as the case may be.In other words, a royalty-free photo corresponds to a user license that you acquire in order to obtain authorization to use it within a strictly regulated and defined framework, but without time limits. The reason is simple: since you are not the author of the photo, it does not belong to you.

If it is free, it is protected by a license called Creatives Commons, which simplifies sharing while respecting authors' rights.

Various uses, but not for profit for individuals

For the private individual, a royalty-free photo corresponds to a photo found on the Internet, in a free image bank. In this case, all you have to do is download it and use it as you wish. However, you are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes or to sell it. If you buy it, you have the permission to use it on any medium and as many times as you wish.Possible uses include interior decoration.

You download the photo. If necessary, you can modify it before printing it, framing it and hanging it on your walls. If you have a website or blog, you also get the right to use the photo to illustrate your editorial content. For pupils and students, a royalty-free photo can be used as a wallpaper, illustration for a school presentation, etc.

Different possible uses for professionals and companies

Professionals and businesses are also beginning to take an interest in the use of royalty-free photos.

In a free image bank, choose the photos that are useful to you. You are authorized to use them on your different media.In particular, you can use royalty-free photos for your advertising campaigns. This is an interesting solution in case you do not have a large budget to hire a model and do some shooting. You can also publish them on your corporate blog to support a presentation, to embellish your brochure, to highlight a proposal, etc.

Finally, you can use them as stand decoration during an event.